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Triguna Projects: Transforming Urban Living with Innovative Ventures

Established in 2006, Triguna Projects Pvt Ltd embarked on a journey to turn people’s dreams into reality. With an impressive track record of constructing 2 million square feet of residential and commercial spaces across Bengaluru, Hyderabad, Tamil Nadu, Tirupati, and Kurnool, the Triguna Group has earned acclaim for its unwavering commitment to safety, quality, excellence, transparency, and timely delivery.

Reflecting their brand promise of “Appreciation Guaranteed,” Triguna infuses wisdom (Sattva) in location selection, efficiency (Rajas) in delivery, and satisfaction (Tamas) in customer experience across all projects. From the very inception, Triguna Projects has consistently redefined urban living through a series of innovative initiatives that have set new standards in the ever-evolving real estate sector.

Triguna Projects continues to redefine urban living through a succession of innovative initiatives that set a new standard in the constantly changing real estate sector. Every Triguna project, from the busy streets of Bangalore to the holy city of Tirupathi, showcases a distinct fusion of imagination, vision, and a dedication to providing unmatched living experiences.Here, we present a glimpse of our commercial, residential, and mixed-use developments, each contributing to a wave of innovation in the South Indian real estate industry.

Triguna Silver Springs: A Symphony of Modernity in Bannerghatta Road

Triguna Silver Springs - Triguna Projects
In the heart of the fastest-developing area of Bangalore, Triguna Silver Springs emerges as a testament to Triguna’s innovative prowess. The strategic choice of Bannerghatta Road, with its proximity to major institutions and upcoming Metro connectivity, showcases not just a project but a well-thought-out investment that appreciates rapidly. The innovation here lies not only in the location choice but in the meticulous planning of 32 exclusive apartments. Each unit, designed according to Vastu principles, represents a fusion of modern aesthetics and functional living. 


Triguna Clarks Inn Kurnool: A Fusion of Commercial Brilliance and Hospitality

TRIGUNA CLARKS INN KURNOOL (Andhra Pradesh) - Hotel Reviews, Photos, Rate Comparison - Tripadvisor

Triguna Clarks Inn Kurnool goes beyond the conventional understanding of a commercial project. The fusion of Triguna’s real estate expertise with Clarks Inn management represents a novel approach to hospitality and real estate synergy. This 3-star hotel property, with 70 aesthetically designed rooms, not only caters to the needs of business and leisure travelers but sets a new standard for integrated commercial ventures. Here, innovation isn’t just about architecture; it’s about merging different domains seamlessly.


Triguna Palm Springs: High-Speed Living in Bangalore North

Triguna Palm Springs - Triguna Projects

Triguna Palm Springs, strategically located in the rapidly growing Yelahanka, presents a paradigm shift in residential living. Beyond the 66 exclusive apartments designed with Vaastu principles, the true innovation lies in the planned High-Speed Rail Link station at Kogilu circle. This connectivity gem transforms the project into not just a residential complex but an investment poised for swift appreciation. 


Triguna BV Regent Plaza: Redefining Urban Spaces in Kurnool

Triguna BV Regent Plaza - Triguna Projects


Triguna BV Regent Plaza takes innovation to new heights with its dual-purpose design seamlessly blending commercial and residential spaces. The ground floor’s commercial space creates a dynamic environment, while the 24 meticulously planned 2 BHK apartments above adhere to Vastu principles. This holistic approach to urban development, placed strategically in the heart of Kurnool, showcases not only a forward-thinking concept but a commitment to enhancing the urban living experience.


Triguna Raghunath Residency: Spiritual Haven in Tirupathi


Triguna Raghunath Residency Tirupathi - Triguna Projects

Triguna Raghunath Residency in Tirupathi stands out as a unique blend of spirituality and modernity. Developed with devotion to Lord Balaji, the project is a manifestation of the innovative spirit that characterizes Triguna. The six blocks with 2 BHK and 3 BHK apartments, planned as per Vastu principles, offer a harmonious living experience. The innovation here is not just in design but in creating a serene oasis amidst the bustling spiritual hub of Tirupathi.


Mayuri Sunrise Valley: Luxurious Living in Hyderabad’s Attapur


Sunrise Valley in Attapur, Hyderabad | Find Price, Gallery, Plans, Amenities on

Mayuri Sunrise Valley, a venture by Mayuri Projects Pvt Ltd, a sister concern of Triguna, redefines luxury living in Hyderabad. The 163 units of 4 BHK villas with plot sizes ranging from 352 to 550 square yards demonstrate an innovative approach to spacious living. Beyond dimensions, the captivating landscape surrounding each villa transforms this project into a serene oasis within the city, combining luxury with nature seamlessly.


Triguna Country Homes: Nostalgia-Infused Gated Community

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Triguna Country Homes introduces a unique design – a rustic contemporary farmland gated community that fosters a sense of nostalgia. This innovative venture encourages residents to create weekend homes reminiscent of their childhood, blending modern amenities with the charm of yesteryears. The plots, ranging from 10,000 to 40,000 square feet, not only reconnect residents with their roots but also offer assistance in building farmhouses or weekend getaway homes. The presence of globally renowned Clarks Inn amenities within the premises adds an extra layer of luxury, making Triguna Country Homes an innovative blend of nostalgia and modern living.


Triguna Icon: Strategic Excellence on Hosur Road, Bangalore

Triguna Icon - Triguna Projects
Triguna Icon, strategically located near Lalbagh on Hosur Road, epitomizes strategic excellence in real estate. Handpicked with the knowledge of real estate, this semi-commercial and residential development sets a new standard for blending business and living spaces. The integration of commercial on the first three floors and residential on the top two floors not only optimizes space but showcases Triguna’s innovative approach to urban development.


Triguna Projects has consistently been at the forefront of innovation, reshaping urban living with each venture. From strategic location choices to dual-purpose designs and a commitment to customer satisfaction, Triguna’s projects embody a forward-thinking spirit that transcends conventional real estate boundaries. As the brand continues to evolve, it stands as a beacon of inspiration for the industry, showcasing how innovation can redefine the landscape of urban living

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